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Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Square Linen

   Linen pocket squares are never far from my jackets; certainly not since the collection I built in a single afternoon’s perusing at Hackett’s 2009 sample sale. Naturally, my favourite was the first to disappear, possibly when airing it out became a tad literal

   I derive some of my fun from texture mixing and linens complement most jacketing fabrics that come to mind. Their rumpling properties don’t prohibit puffing; nevertheless, they are mainly built for the folding varieties, which are stable as long as one’s breast pocket does not allow too much slack – this you will uncover when the edge of the square begins to gently flap up and down your chest

   Retailers are not numerous but they are out there; the most desirable are offered by the likes of Kent Wang, Sam Hober, Drakes and San Francisco's renowned Cable Car Clothiers. The stalwarts of Jermyn Street are known to offer them, albeit in irregular supply. Sam Hober also thoughtfully provides a simple yet edifying care guide

   The uber-versatile white Irish Linen square is something of a benchmark in this milieu but any tastefully coloured combination with a contrasting, hand rolled edge, such as my departed fuchsia and navy, is as valid and certainly more vivid for that impish/impudent approach to classic suiting

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

The Pocket Square Post

   It really wasn't meant to be a week's gap between posts

   When it comes down to it, I'm not one much given to thinking so very hard about my clothing choices and the way my ensembles present themselves. Anyone who knows me would likely say that I'm not exactly one for consequences or results, and this is somewhat true of the way I wear - outfits just pop into being, like a bubble perhaps, or a manufactured pop group. They share a particular trait with mayflies, which is to be too brief in their existence to outstay their welcome

   But like mayflies, there does exist a certain consistency. Which in this case, according to a friend of mine who has dissected this habit in the text below, would be my pocket squaring and its ability to remain notable in a potpourri of colourful vestments that forces the eyes to focus, women and small children to stare, and the critical mind to whir into action and prepare a thesis that usually emerges as "Great!" or "Not good"

   So, big puffy folds - take it away, YF:

"If you use a fairly large pocket square in a soft, supple silk, you should be able to achieve one. If it's a vintage find, the age of the silk may help a bit too in terms of softness"

   And on the topic of folds that escape in all directions:

"For the second one, a lighter silk pocket square with rolled edges will do that quite easily"

   But how to get the maximum effect from your pocket adornments? How, indeed:

"It also depends a little bit on your jacket; there is a bit of leeway in how much "slack" there is in the pocket in the design. A little bit of slack is a lot better for the big puffy types. My suits' chest pockets are pretty tight; most larger squares are a nuisance. On the plus side, my TV folds are really ... straight

"However, these are just technical gaps. The actual art of folding ... well, it's a mystery"

   For anyone looking to unfurl that mystery as they would a little slip of printed silk to enliven a jacket, here's a YouTube video to waste 59 seconds with

   This post is also for Marco. Because you did enquire, fellow

NP: John Powell - Happy Feet Score