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Thursday, 30 April 2009

Barima in Digital

   For the sake of my rampant narcissism, two recent appearances on different corners of the interweb have "merited" this post. Yay me. First up, my friend, Shel, asked very nicely if I'd pose for her own blog, Fashion Jezebelle, and it was a request that certainly wouldn't join the masses that I've selectively refused from women over the years. Naturally, my photo is somewhere close to the bottom of the page

   Lastly, Winston saw fit to use a selection of photographs from last Saturday's Prohibited Night Out in a recent column for A generous friend, and a talented writer. And not quite how I was expecting to first contribute to Mensflair, but life happens. I cannot recommend the site highly enough

Sunday, 26 April 2009

Prohibition! Or, The Perfect Name For a Club Night in Booze Britain Is...

   I could wax lyrical about the atmosphere, the music, the number of attractive flappers, the teacups, the dancing and the play gambling, but I trust the photos truly speak for themselves. This is Prohibition: