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Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Rebecca Warren; The Serpentine

   It amused the hell out of me that in a roomful of East End arty types - loud checked trousers, Oriental dudes with bright blonde hair, Tracey Emin, Duggie Fields, girls with grade one buzz cuts - that a bow tie attracted so many lingering glances. At least Winston isn't taking a stand alone

   The show itself was interesting, though obviously not because of the crowd, which was very much the same crowd at any given opening at any major gallery in London. What interested me was that the work was so open-ended (so to speak - a lot of it revolved around sex, unsurprisingly) as to make discussion almost pointless

   Fiona, who brought me as her +1, is one of the most thoughtful and erudite people I know, not to mention far less jaded than I am, and when she's challenged to muster up words on a presentation of art, something can't be clicking. Even moreso when the conversations I eavesdropped on had nothing to do with the pieces in front of us

   My next gallery outing this week should be more fun, though