Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Summer Blues One

   A new Dries Van Noten second hand number, season unknown. It's such a rare colour for a DB, and between the price, the cut, the versatility, the weight, and the fact that it will need relatively minor alterations, I knew that I had to go for it. I've been quite fortunate in the sales, the thrift shops and on eBay, and will post new pieces as and when a decent enough ensemble has been crafted

All together now:

And I can tell you my love for you will still be strong/After the Blues of Summer are gone


Toad said...

I like. Well done, sir.

Gefundenes Fressen said...

Very handsome indeed. Is the jacket pale blue or grey?

Barima said...

Toad - many thanks

Fredrik - thank you also. It's pale blue, described to me by the seller as "duck egg blue." There's a mildly off kilter-sense that the colour's painted or printed on as the linen is double-sided with a tan reverse on the inside that slightly "bleeds" through

P.S. I may not know much about cars, but I adore the Ford GT40

WinstonC said...

Truly excellent.


Barima said...

Thanks W, although I'm certain at least one new purchase might prompt you to sue for infringement! Hope all's well