Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Outfit - Persistence Will Murder Your Wallet

   I am giddily pleased to report that after a year and a half of eating correctly, brushing my teeth twice daily, thinking positive thoughts at least once an hour and becoming a monk, I now possess the Junya Watanabe x Lacoste jacket I mentioned coveting not so long ago. I'd spin its arrival as an excuse to the lack of updates last month, but truthfully, I only got it last week, and I hadn't all that much to say due to the English heatwave affecting what pass for my mental faculties

   The photographs of its debut outing were kindly taken by Winston, and subsequently, I've managed to repair my own camera, allowing me to take my own picture when I next wear or see something remotely interesting. The pushed-up sleeves, hat, "pyjama trousers" and scarf-belt are partly a tribute to the late King of Pop. Unlike its counterpart, I see no reason to dye or customise it in any way - it will prove as versatile as I wish. Like its counterpart, the jacket is an amazing piece of construction and design that's perfectly calibrated to the weather as it's as light as the polo shirts it was reconstructed from. Though I wish it was designed to better hold a puffed pocket square


Toad said...

It looks great on you.

It would be a real leap of faith seeing it on the rack though.

Gefundenes Fressen said...

Great outfit and beautiful photos. The jacket is particularly nice. A bit unusual, but very nice indeed.


Barima said...

Thanks to you both

Toad - I made a point of referencing my first hand experience with the clothes in the review because it enhances one's perspective. Lanvin, for example, presents highly lauded and entertaining shows each season, but despite the high level of fabric research and experimentation, the reality is hit and miss (not to mention far too expensive for one such as I). The level of detail and thought at a conceptual RTW line such as Watanabe's is second to none, most recently emphasised by his current offerings of sportsjackets that reverse into blousons or Levi's jackets, to name 2 examples (though those are thoughts for another review)

Fredrik - it's nice to learn your first name. I'm exceedingly fond of the uncommon nature of the jacket and liken it to a thoughtful update of the shirt jacket; fitting, given its origins. Good photography can make all the difference, and I was fortunate to have Winston's help that day

Sandra said...

love your outfit! very stylish! :)


Barima said...

Thanks, Sandra, and welcome to my blog list. I enjoyed what I saw