Friday, 9 September 2011

The Alex Wilson Portrait Shoot, Part Four - Victoria & Albert Revisit

   Part Four involved a return to this city's venerated and adored Victoria and Albert Museum; long-term semi regular readers might recall that this was also the site of last year's Jamie Archer Portrait Shoots. But the V&A is a big form and spaces were found to avoid overlapping with that other lensman and friend's fine work:

 It was humid enough that I donned my tie indoors before proceeding to pose; I accomplished this without the use of a mirror and Alex was too polite - read: British - to warn me that my Deborah & Clare shirt collar was askew

   Some of you may be amused to know that a curious gaggle of young black girls asked me if I was in costume. And of course, I responded in the affirmative

   Will there be more of this collaboration in the autumn and winter seasons? Time will tell, Paraders; it always does

All photographs are the copyright of Alex Wilson:


P.Gaye Tapp at Little Augury said...

another great jacket! love the mix of it-yet perfectly Classic in every way. pgt

Barima said...

Thank you, Gaye. I've been wearing this particular jacket rather prolifically, I admit


Mxolisi Ngonelo said...

I don't blame those little girls, for ignorance is bliss in the days of youth. I hope their development will one day afford them an opportunity develop their own style, and thus discover that it redounds.

B, are those trousers garbadine?

Barima said...

I don't blame them either; rather, I found it a little entertaining. And their reference points for young black guys interested in style wouldn't extend to one like me

The trousers are cotton; my first purchase from Burberry Prorsum, which I once disavowed. I am particularly keen on the autumn collection from 2008