Sunday, 28 February 2010

The Jamie Archer Portrait Shoot, Part One

   Jamie is the online brand-building whiz who shot the Ian Bruce exhibition photographs that were featured here last autumn, as well as a close-up that we could both dine out on if my marketing skills were at their peak. Here, he asked me to bother the security guards and patrons at the permanent collections of the Victoria & Albert Museum. And I couldn't resist - one could list "Confusing, distracting and endangering stray passers-by" on my CV

   The more childish shots shall be featured in Part Two. Jamie's other space is here:





The Eccentric Orange Gentleman said...

Brother, Is that a purple odd coat?

Another question if you don't mind. Would you be willing to do an interview with me on my blog. My blog is located at:; please take a look. I could use another viewpoint on African sartorial style other than my own.

WinstonC said...

Wonderful photos. I especially like the fluidity (with Astaire panache!) of the last photo.


Barima said...

Thank you, fellows

The EOG, I'll drop you a line. And it's more of a burgundy. The safari jacket in the other shoot is definitively purple, however