Monday, 20 July 2009

On the Other Side of the Mirror, I See Lukas Renlund

   Lukas Renlund is one of the most interesting, and surprising, photographic talents that I've come across in some time. With his instinct for settings, layouts and posture, that isn't revelatory - it's the work that needs to be experienced to be believed, and there's a good deal of it available on his website

   Lukas is a 2008 graduate of the London College of Fashion and is currently based in Copenhagen, Denmark, creating his stylish, and somewhat abstract, images for a variety of clients and competitions. But I wouldn't wish to simply regurgitate his website

   In the manner of early Cecil Beaton and Horst P Horst, Lukas' work shows a particular affinity for surrealism, altered perspectives, trompe l'oeil and dream landscapes made bright, crystal clear reality. The imagery has a certain maximal quality due to the amount of detail contained therein despite appearing deceptively stark and minimal on first viewing, whether these be elements of the cloths, backgrounds, models or a combination thereof. As a fashion photographer, his work serves the dual purpose of soliciting a fantasy element to dressing that can often be overlooked, and bringing his craft one step closer to art by absorbing and rechanneling the creative teachings of the latter

   Lukas was on show last week at The Crate in Notting Hill as he wound up his Mirror Universe exhibition before departing for projects anew. The year may be well into its second half now, but he's still one to watch for 2009, and beyond

   And as a bonus; a full-body shot of my Apparel Arts/Junya S/S10-inspired outfit that was not taken by Lukas:


Toad said...

Love the scarf. Great shot.

Chelsea said...

I do not, well, nothing that could pass off as a proper style of dancing since being swung around at a scottish family wedding.
What is the print on your scarf? I am on a bit of a purple clothing obsession lately, the lilac with blue coat looks great.

Gefundenes Fressen said...

Great photo! I can see the yellow socks that you mentioned. Well done, indeed.

The coat is great. Is it a Junya?


Barima said...

Thanks to all of you, you've never stopped rocking

C - it's a star print from Topman. The shirt isn't actually either of my lilac ones - it's a blue and red stripe on white (from Bennetton, for the sales afficionados) that resembles it from a distance. Hope the new purples in today's post are to your liking

Fredrik - I quite enjoy the opportunities to take self portraits for the interwebz in different places, especially outdoors. The coat is indeed a Junya, from S/S07's fairly divisive "New Way of Suiting" sportswear-inspired collection. Despite their inherent everyday unwearability and questionable attractiveness, sharply tailored tracksuits are a humourously enticing proposition