Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Inside Maurice Sedwell

Mr. Ramroop has the floor:

Also of interest is the edifying and interesting blog (English Cut for the non-fogey?) authored by Sedwell's head cutter and former assistant to Edward Sexton, Davide Taub, whose appreciable versatility and idiosyncratic detailing nevertheless deserves as wide an audience as possible. This sort of adventurousness seems to be on par with the European operations with venerated names like Camps de Luca and Cifonelli


beyondanomie said...

Great videos, thank you for posting them.

Maurice Sedwell is a firm I would love to get a few things from at some point. I keep meaning to try them out; the combination of attention to detail AND to aesthetics they appear to have there is laudable. While I'm happy with my current tailor, I'd be interested to see what Mr Ramroop and his team would do differently.

Barima said...

You're welcome, Doctor

I think you're the sort who would definitely benefit from idiosyncratic suiting to complement the image you project. I can also see you going to John Pearse