Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Young Marble Giants - 'N.I.T.A.' (1980)

   I was originally content to post one song today, but that suddenly seems foolish:

   Although I've always had more than a mild weakness for new wave and post punk, Young Marble Giants spent a little too long below my radar. I am certainly on the road to rectifying that, these days. And this is certain to become one of my Summer Beauties; a pretty, peaceful piece with its heart on its sleeve and nothing to say other than the barest and yet most expressive things possible, in both music and rhyme

It's nice to hear you're having a good time
But it still hurts 'cos you used to be mine
This doesn't mean that I possessed you
You're haunting me because I let you

Shape up your body "Let's be a tree"
Visual dynamics for you to see
Nature intended the abstract
for you and me

No rain outside but tears in my eyes
Out on the rooftop for a surprise
Call you at teatime
In off the street
Sit down at table, Mummy is neat


Bruce Barone said...

I have this. And saw them back then :)

Barima said...