Sunday, 6 March 2011


    Consider one or two traditional accoutrements like neckscarves, a matching yet complementary shirt and tie combination and lighter coloured suiting for the incoming season. It will be good for you. It's to our cost that illustrators are no longer charged with the content of lookbooks

Scans by Sator from Grafton Fashions For Men 1971


David Toms said...

I think it is such a shame that illustrators are very rarely used these days!

Yankee-Whisky-Papa said...

Agreed, David Toms. A good artist (of course L. Fellows set the high-water mark) can capture tailored drape, supple and subtle texture, fit, match, and even (somehow) patina. I have always loved drawings far more than models, and I imagine that the production is MUCH cheaper. Using ultra-photogenic humans always transmits slightly atonal... because there is little believability that the model would ACTUALLY wear the clothing in their own time. There is no love or enthusiasm for the garments, and they are entirely of someone's creation. With illustrations, the artist creates a wearer to perfectly match the clothing.