Thursday, 17 March 2011

Psyche Out - An Ensemble Dissection

Warning: this entry contains scenes of a carousing nature:


   Fun fact: not counting the Holliday & Brown Special Re-edition print on the shirt, the only vintage item is the silk paisley brocade tie; its red lining especially comes through under a camera flash. Of course, my semi-regular readers may know that I've quite the thing for vintage silk paisley brocade; exactly the sort of thing that deserves a comeback, if I do say so myself

   One may also note the lack of a pocket square/pochette. This is very much deliberate - the severity of a shirt in the overall ensemble can, and should, determine the necessity for extra adornments, particularly around the chest area. It is already commendable if one has complementary ties to hand, in this case, but it rather pushes the boat out a touch too recklessly to find a pochette when such a shirt already adds that eyecatching element. Dressing is always a balancing act

   Mind you, I could have done with a hat


JKG said...

That is awesome. Full bloom, no doubt.

And do I catch colored laces on the shoes, or is that just the camera's flash?

Melan said...

the shirt is perfection! and the small rose button? Beautiful

london girl up north

Barima said...

JKG - purple laces, courtesy of Paul Smith. False rose, however. Many thanks

Melan - thank you also. I have that shirt in two colourways

All best,