Friday, 6 August 2010

Leather Lust Object No.2

George Cleverley Gladstone bag made with Russian leather salvaged from the sunken Metta Catharina. Available from Leather Soul Hawaii. Enticingly expensive


David Toms said...

Now this is a bag to lust for! Found your blog via littleaugrey.

Barima said...

Funny, I thought she had more alluring commenters than I. Still, I appreciate your visit

I've come to the conclusion that the bag should be rented out until a buyer is found, the same way that some art pieces are temporarily housed in private homes to impress at dinners and soirées


little augury said...

my ears were burning. I would totally have that.

Agneta said...

Yes yes yes.... My I put you on my 'love love love' list?

Agneta, a swedish one ;)

Barima said...

It's hard to doubt your taste, Gaye

Agneta, you absolutely may. Thanks to the delightful Ms. Fältskog of ABBA, most Britishers perceive Agnetha and Agneta as Swedish names anyway