Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Blue/Green Again

   It's the return of that  allegedly irredeemable colour combination; a suitably optimistic presentation for the latest wedding I attended recently. And I barely believe in marriage, so my high spirits surprised even me

   ADG, a member of my personal Band of Blog Brothers, has written an exceedingly kind and trenchant tribute to your author, with one commenter noting an accessories trifecta of mine; namely, my rose pin, pochette and pen. This time, on the grounds of ensemble dissonance, my writing instrument remained at home

   Even I have my Coco Chanel Moments


ADG said...

The sunlight glinting-gleaming-bouncing off your lens in the final photo...that EXACTLY the stuff my man...the stuff that makes you story worthy.

Barima said...

Very kind, my friend

I think your write-up was the best appearance I've made yet on another's blog - the responses from your readers were more than appreciated



Victoria said...

Love it ! :)

Barima said...

Glad that you do, Miss V