Monday, 31 May 2010

The Yellow Tie "No"

   Neckwear of such hues has been a longtime plaything of mine and yet the odd comments regarding its ensemble incompatibility and its limited use amongst the iGentry and iDandies would make me the iconoclast that others consider me as

   Since the colour of my skin obviates the dreaded wash out effect, the only Don't working against me is which garment shades to avoid, which is taken care of through pure pragmatism

   Whilst I wouldn't recommend, say, a navy suit of any stripe on the grounds that the inevitable white shirt would create a strange mix of shiny and washing, my odd pinstriped waistcoat is fair use because it doesn't envelop my arms, thus leaving space on the colour wheel for my grey-brown topcoat. Not pictured is the pair of olive trousers I wore, which, in tandem with the other muted colours and the obscuring effect of the waistcoat, creates a restrained palette that flatters the tie. As long as one is skilled, the navy top with a different coloured lower half is aesthetically sensible, which my good friend, Winston Chesterfield, thoughtfully exemplifies

   For the blues adherents, I’d suggest settling in the ranges of medium, ocean or grey-blue and nothing stronger or deeper than the most moderate of that French hue

   I rather think the yellow tie has more of a habitat in the land of the lighter coloured suit - your khakis and tans and off-whites are very much its friends - but it appears as comfortable in the darker kingdom of the grey. Then you have the browns - I could see one bringing a showman's dash to a chocolate coloured double breasted or a lighter shaded tweed. Rust jackets seem almost mandatory

   The plain yellow silk or knit should be the preserve of the experts who can deploy it with a yellow shirt and the necessary impunity. For those who are not so inclined, stronger hues and tasteful prints are the idyllic entry level to toy with this not unappealing aspect of the palette kingdom

   Perhaps it's time to say "yes"

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