Thursday, 8 April 2010


   There was always something contiguous at first regarding my relationship with Malcolm McLaren's career; I darted around the cultural alterations left in his wake without either committing to them or initially realising what influence he'd had. Eventually, I'd come to know his name. He possessed one personal aspect that I believed held some appeal: artistic legerdemain that afforded him the deftness to make the intolerable, the aggressive and the underappreciated conventional without the sacrifice of their intrinsic characteristics. A sneak thief of genre with few peers - I like that about a person

   1946 - 2010. Good night, good night, good night


Better Guy X said...

Interesting take on the first post-modern style maker. His ability to recognize the germination of a mode (if you will) and move it into the light before it lost its luster.

Barima said...

Thank you

Yes, his instinct was almost unerring; I think this is why many were quick to label him a dilettante, although he did little to overturn such branding

At least he held special disdain for complacency