Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Colour Wheel Spins

   Kaleidoscopically speaking, this is a year-round ensemble. The sobriety of the deep navy (in person) double breasted and the grey-green of the trousers is enlivened by the exuberance of the accessorising. It's waggishness meets temperance. As I prefer it

   The laces are only for the playful


Fiona said...

How's my favourite dandy doing?

Barima said...

The sun is my enemy - my mode of dress is one part elegance to 3 parts comfort. I miss the variety of London's weather, after a fashion

I hope you're very well, Needle Goddess, and anticipate seeing you before long


Fiona said...

Needle Goddess, I like!

Yes, got back from India just under two weeks ago. A little sick from the variaties of London weather even though it is more suitable to your style of dress.

Just started blogging again. Hope you enjoy and add me to your illustrius blogroll!

Barima said...

It's rather splendid, this new blog. I regret not requesting any Indian fabrics, however

Keep it up