Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Accessory Service Announcement

   My rose pins, which I wear in the manner of boutonnieres, have entranced and mystified both regular readers and the people I interact with outside of this column

   Having tired of being asked if I'm making a political statement in sporting them, I've officially lost discarded them for the time being. If you wish to take up my baton, hie thee hither to Rose Paradise and place an order or three

   This season, I shall be wearing a Remembrance Poppy and, post Remembrance Day, actual boutonnieres whilst I upgrade my lapel accessories

   This is for the anonymous reader who keeps asking about them


Fiorella said...

Ignore what people say.. I like your style, don't change...

Barima said...

Thank you. I generally ignore what people say unless they have a decent - or better - point to make. Even so, as someone once said, "Idiots always win. They're too numerous"

I'm not really changing, such as it is, but I do need to mix things up. Discarding pieces here and there for new ones keeps me on my toes. Someone recently told me that my "style has come a long way without really changing much" over the past 10 months so I like to think my attempts at fine tuning are worthwhile

Rose Paradise said...


I also hope you will not change your style and return to wearing my roses. You have quite a following! So many people came to my Rose Paradise website since you posted your message.

(who made Barima's lapel pins)

Marta Represa said...

Great blog!

kirstinhanssen said...

Hello, I can't find your contact details, so I try it via this way. Currently I am working on a book on Fashion Blogs and I would love to feature Style Time in it. I am a journalist from Amsterdam. If you have an interest, please contact me at kiki.hanssen[at]
Thanks in advance! Best, Kirstin