Monday, 14 September 2009

Pop Culture Thumbs-Up 14/09/2009: What We Learned at the 2009 MTV VMAs

   Madonna can give a truly heartfelt speech. And Janet gets fiercer and more powerful with age

   We learned nothing new about Kanye's lack of class, however


hscfree said...

I've loved Janet since she was on "Good Times," and I agree with your sentiment wholly. And President Obama got it right by calling Kanye West a "jackass."

The Fashion Bloggers said...

Well its not the first time he's made himself look like a 'jackass' is it now. Kind of pity the guy though - he's got the money, the girl, the fame and (chart) respect. And yet he still stumbled round the MTV award ceremony with a bottle?! Somehow I would say that he's just a lost soul crying out for help ...